hello, my name is Angeles R. (a_basket_case) wrote,
hello, my name is Angeles R.

Dear Various MBTA Conductors,

Thanks for treating me like crap because I'm a student. That thing in my hand is a student pass; yes, it is perfectly valid, and yes, I am qualified to use it (I even have my useless freaking little PUPIL goldcard to prove it). No, I am not in "50th grade", nor is it your business whether or not taking a train at 9:30 means I'm "a little late for school". There's no need to ask where I got on the train, since this line doesn't run past zone 2 and my pass is valid for all of it. Additionally, tell your employers that it's really nice of them to not bother to get our passes working this month, because it allows us to legally practice getting though faregates without paying - really intelligent.

Thanks for the good times.
Your Customer Who Pays You An Increased $20/month For That Pass You're Giving Her A Hard Time About
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